Al Jalil Garden owners make add agency CEO hostage


Lahore: Owners of Al Jalil Gardens Sharqpur Road have taken Irfan Rafique, chief executive of Sound and Vision Advertising Agency, hostage, forcefully obtained signed blank checks and hurling
serious threats, after the later demanded Rs 54 crore from them against advertisement service.

Factory Area Police Station, Shechupura has lodged an FIR against Faraz Waraich, Aslam Waraich, and others.

According to the details, Faraz Warraich, the chief executive of Al-Jalil Gardens, called Rafique to his office for meeting on Sharqpur Road under the pretext of paying Rs. 100 million out of Rs. 54 crore and took him hostage.

They brought Rafigue to his office in Garden town and obtained blank signed checks from Irfan Rafique.
Later the accused took him to Rafique to his house at gun point in HBFC Society and took his wife and children hostage. The accused obtained signed blank stamp paper And fled with other valuable documents, threatening of serious consequences.