Noor Muqaddam murder case: Hearing in Islamabad High Court adjourned

Jan 17, 2022: According to a report by Baaghi TV, the hearing of Noor Muqaddam murder case in Islamabad High Court was adjourned till next Monday.

The therapy works has challenged the decision of the Sessions Court to exclude the private complaint. The State Counsel said that the State Counsel which was to appear in the case was not in good health. The court adjourned the hearing on the petition.

In the challan submitted by the police about Therapy works, it is said that the accused said that there was a misunderstanding with Amjad Mahmood of Therapy Works. Pictures and fingerprints stored in DVR also belong to the accused in the Noor Muqaddam murder case.

The owner and lawyer of Therapy Works also held a press conference in which he presented his defense in the case of Noor Muqaddam murder. Tahir Zahoor said that Zahir Jafar was referred to him as an alcoholic patient. “I said that if Zahir Jafar is addicted to alcohol then he should be admitted to the hospital.”

Therapy Works owner said, “We were called by the Investigating Officer to take a statement under false pretences. Therapy Works has provided all the call records. I called Zakir Jafar and told him that there was a dead body Zakir Jafar said that maybe Zahir Jaffer (his son) drank too much alcohol. Zakir Jafar’s reaction to the news was mild.”

The owner added, “I have my own 2 daughters, we are very sad about the girl, we have not come here to make money, we have come to work”

Therapy Work’s lawyer Muhammad Shehzad Qureshi said that Therapy Works has written all the statements to the police. Police did not take any action on any of our statements. He did not try to erase the allegations. He also alleged that the attitude of the police in the case is not positive.

The legal representative of the Therapy Works team also said that as soon as he saw the police, Zahir Jafar started playing up but before that he was normal.

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