Ali Zafar Calls at the Venomous Schemers


Lahore, 20th December: Pakistan’s singer-actor Ali Zafar has proven his mettle against the false harassment allegations by his fellow singer Meesha Shafi.

According to reports from Baaghi TV, with his steadfastness, Ali Zafar has been able to expose the mafia that was misusing the global ‘MeToo’ movement in Pakistan.

Baaghi TV had earlier reported that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has convicted singer Meesha Shafi and eight others of running a deviant campaign against singer Ali Zafar on social media, prompting the trial court to initiate proceedings against them.

After Shafi was proven guilty by the FIA, her lawyer Nighat Dad who represented her case in the famous ‘Me Too’ movement against renowned singer-actor Ali Zafar was found operating an illegal NGO.

People on social media went in a frenzy when some human activist maligned Zafar on spreading false news against Meesha Shafi and her lawyer Nighat Dad.

Ali Zafar gave a befitting reply to the human activist Gulalai Ismail, who voiced that Nighat Dad must take legal action against the disinformation on social media:

She replied to the video Ali Zafar shared on his official Twitter page, “I hope @nighatdad is taking legal action against these pages spreading Disinfo and those like who are amplifying these lies.”

To this, Zafar replied that he will expose the truth every time in court with facts:

He wrote, “Stop threatening! Do as many cases as you want. I will expose the truth every time in court with facts and evidence! Bring it on! And come back to Pakistan first and then speak about the issues of Pakistan.”

On calling the human rights activist to the country to speak on the issues of Pakistan, the singer made his point clear.

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Gulalai Ismail further wrote, “Some fierce lionesses are already at you. I’m sure they are already debunking all the false allegations in court. They are enough to deal with you.”

Twitteratis took the matter in their own hands and supported their favourite superstar:

A user wrote that the lioness who doesn’t turn up to the court for her cases.

Another criticised Gulalai Ismail, the exiled human right’s activist, saying that she is a so-called revolutionary who won’t be returning to the country ever.

People on social media have alleged that singer Meesha Shafi has never shown up in the court hearings but she is always ready to make appearances for her music performances on Coke Studio and Velo Sound Station.

It may be noted that Shafi has restricted her Twitter account as she seems reluctant to respond on her Twitter handle. She has blocked users to view her profile and tweets.

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