Another woman subject of harassment in Lahore

It is becoming increasingly unsafe for women in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, to leave their homes. Now, another case of harassment towards women has surfaced. 

According to reports, another incident of a woman being harassed in the Gulshan Ravi area has occurred, the case of which has been registered at the Gulshan Ravi police station.

The police say that the woman left her school to return home, and was harassed by an unidentified person on the way. A video of the incident has been received, showing the woman in the street where the man was also standing. As soon as the woman approached her house, the man took off his pants, stripping completely himself naked after which he immediately escaped on a bike.

The victim stated to the police that the biker had reached home after chasing her from school. CCTV footage shows the man wearing a mask and removing his clothes as the woman reached the street. Police have said the search is on for with culprit the help of the footage, and Safe Cities cameras will check the records of the motorcycle

Earlier, a 26-year-old woman named Sehrish along with her 7-month-old child was kidnapped from the Gujjar Pura area. The police have registered a case against Sehrish’s father Nadeem. According to the FIR, son-in-law Imran Akram left Sehrish and his son home, but a couple of hours later they disappeared from the house. In this regard, the woman’s husband Imran Akram told the police that he had no dispute with his wife.

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