Anti-Corruption Punjab recovers over Rs2.30b govt land



Lahore: The Anti-Corruption Punjab has recovered over Rs 2.30 billion government land in a an conducted against occupation mafia in the Multan area.

Led by Anti-Corruption Punjab, the Revenue Department and the police undertook crackdown on the Occupy Mafia.

According to a anti-corruption source report, billions of rupees of government land have been relinquished.

The reports said thousands of acres of land allotted for the department’s livestock breeding scheme had been occupied by the mafia for years.

Anti-Corruption Punjab DG Gohar Nafees said a total of Rs 2.30 billion government land was relinquished.

The operation was led by Director Anti-Corruption Multan Haider Abbas Wattoo.

In the operation, anti-corruption, finance department and police relinquished 1389 acres of land.

“Influential occupation groups have been occupying 2,000 acres of government land earmarked for the Livestock Breeding Scheme for years. A heavy contingent of the Finance Department and the police, led by the Anti-Corruption Department, is conducting an operation to reclaim the remaining 7,000 acres.  Three cases against the finance department officers were registered at the Multan Anti-Corruption Police Station, Muhammad Gohar Nafees said.

Over 98 acres of government land worth Rs. 196 million from Chuck No. 41 / 10R, 246 acres of land worth Rs. 492 million from Chuck No. 42 / 10R,
118 acres of land worth Rs. 165.2 million from Chuck No. 63 / 10R, 600 acres of government land worth Rs. 90 crore from Chuck No. 67A / 10R and 327 acres of land worth Rs. 555.9 million from Chuck No. 327A were released  ۔

The DG said said that operation was underway against the occupation mafia for relinquishment of remaining lands and so far relinquished lands have been handed over to the Finance Department.

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