Asad Umar shares his concern for the students taking Cambridge exams

Lahore, 25th April: Pakistan’s leading anchorperson Mubasher Lucman shares the latest updates from the government authorities regarding the matter of cancellation of Cambridge exams.

Mubasher Lucman today spoke out in favour of students in Pakistan who are currently protesting against the government’s decision to hold the CAIE exams amid the third wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Lucman took to his Twitter account a while back and shared the latest information that he received after meeting with Asad Umar, the head of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

Lucman tweeted, “Just spoke to #AsadUmar and he too was concerned if NCOC guidelines are being met or not for children examinations. However, told me the decision to stop the exams lies solely with Shafqat Mehmud saheb. Will speak to him and see what comes next!!”

Earlier in the day, Mubasher Lucman shared a message pointing out that amid the third deadly wave, the government has announced to continue the Cambridge exams of O and A-Level students which are starting from the end of this month.

He said that this decision may put students’ lives at risk as there is an alarming surge in coronavirus positive cases and death rates are also soaring high.

It is to be noted that on the one hand, the government is stressing the need to strictly follow the coronavirus SOPs and imposing lockdown in major cities and on the other hand, it is adamant to take the in-person examination of O and A-level students.

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#NCOCcancelexams: Mubasher Lucman takes a stand for students



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