#NCOCcancelexams: Mubasher Lucman takes a stand for students

Lahore, 25th April: Pakistan’s renowned journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman has taken a stand for the distressed students of the country.

Mubasher Lucman, who is often seen raising his voice for any injustice in the country, has spoken in favour of the students who are protesting against cancelling their Cambridge exams.

Students have been protesting for the past month to cancel their CAIE exams due to a rise in positive cases and death rate in the country.

Hashtag #NCOCcancelexams is the recent trend that has taken the top spot on Twitter today.

In a series of tweets, Lucman highlighted the current situation that the country is facing because of the increasing coronavirus cases.

He pointed out that amid the third deadly wave, the government has announced to continue the CAIE exams of O and A-Level students which are expected to start from the end of this month.

Sharing an image of the examination hall, Lucman tweeted, “Another Kumbh Mela in the making? (Exams).”

In another tweet, he wrote, “These exams may do what Kumbh Mela has done in India.”

Baaghi TV reported on April 14 the rate of coronavirus infection in India crossed a record as pilgrims gathered at the banks of the Ganges River for Kumbh Festival despite oxygen shortage and strict curfews in other areas.

Coronavirus cases hit a record in India as pilgrims gather for Kumbh Festival

Pointing out towards the incident of the Kumbh Festival after which the COVID-19 cases have been breaking a record on daily basis in India, Pakistan’s investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman wants the government to take sensible steps keeping in mind the safety and health of students.

In this regard, Mubasher Lucman also released a video on Sunday on his official YouTube channel.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

In his video, Lucman said that the health of the students should be more concerning for our authorities. Government should consider the fact that almost every household is being affected by the pandemic during its third wave.

Meanwhile, a strict lockdown has been imposed in major cities of Pakistan, educational institutes have been shut down and local exams have also been cancelled.

Under such dire circumstances, the government is being reckless and it feels like they have taken it upon themselves to conduct the Cambridge exams in Pakistan this year.

Lucman urges Prime Minister Imran Khan and the governing body to rethink their decision regarding the exams.

It is to be noted that earlier young singer Asim Azhar, famous actress Mehwish Hayat, actors Agha Ali and Feroze Khan and YouTuber Waqar Zaka have also demanded the government to cancel the examinations.

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