Covid Lessons: 14 days of Hell!

1. 99% infection if not 100% comes from your hands. Your only shield and defense. Keep hands clean ALL THE TIME. NEVER EVER TOUCH YOUR NOSE OR MOUTH BEFORE WASHING OR SANITIZING!

2. Keep a sanitizer in your pocket or bag. Wash or Sanitize your hands every time you expose your hands to a touch in a public place. Doors. Tables. Chairs. POS Machines etc.


4. NEVER place any personal objects like car keys, wallets, handbags, your phone on a public surface like a retail counter.

5. Immediately Sanitize your phone and fingers if touching POS machine keypads, picking up groceries etc.

6. BE PARANOID. BE VERY PARANOID. Don’t let your guard down. The VIRUS is twice as Vicious and a Million times more prevalent than a year ago. ITS NOT WORTH BEING CARELESS. ITS TERRIBLE.

We went through14 days of Hell!

And Extremely grateful to the Almighty for our recovery. Ilahi Aameen.

P.S. COVID clarifies life’s objectives. All that really matters are Health, Faith and Relationships. The rest is just a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.


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