Baaghi TV completes its nine years


Lahore, 12th January: Baaghi TV, Pakistan’s leading news website completes its nine years.

Baaghi TV: One of the emerging digital news website, Baaghi TV on Tuesday completed its nine years in the year 2021.

Founded by Pakistan’s renowned anchor Mubasher Lucman in 2012, Baaghi TV is a web portal that brings the latest news, views and analysis with just a click away.

The web portal aims to bring back the equilibrium in our society and to create a just environment where we, as a nation, can flourish.

Baaghi TV aims to address matters such as crime, terrorism, business and trade, entertainment, as well as matters of foreign relations.

Baaghi TV believes in the authentic and true to the journalistic ethics news reporting on the grounds of truth, justice and honesty.

All the news posted on the forum bears fundamental grounds, while fake and biased stories are strongly discouraged and refuted here.

With a large number of followers, Baaghi TV keeps on updating its viewers through the social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

With 105K subscribers, Baaghi TV has a YouTube channel where interesting and informative videos are regularly posted.

Follow Baaghi TV to stay up to date with what’s happening in Pakistan and abroad!

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