Babri Masjid was a mosque and will remain one, Occupancy does not end reality: Muslim Personal Law Board

New Delhi: Supreme Court has shamed justice, says Personal Law Board. Today, a temple is being built on the site of the Babri Masjid.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board considers it necessary to reiterate its long-standing position that “once a mosque is established in the light of Shariah, it remains a mosque till the Day of Judgment.”

Therefore, Babri Masjid was a mosque yesterday, is still a mosque today and will remain a mosque in the future, God willing. Placing idols in the mosque, starting worship or banning prayers for a long time does not end the status of the mosque.

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani, General Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said in a press statement that it has always been our position that the Babri Masjid was not built by demolishing any temple or any Hindu place of worship. Alhamdulillah, the Supreme Court in its judgment of November 2019 has confirmed our position.

The Supreme Court has also said that the excavations found under the Babri Masjid were of a 12th century building from the construction of the Babri Masjid. Four hundred years ago, therefore, no temple was demolished and a mosque was built.

The Supreme Court clearly stated that prayers were held in Babri Masjid till the night of December 22, 1949. The Supreme Court also held that the erection of the statues on December 22, 1949 was an illegal and unconstitutional act.

The Supreme Court also held that the martyrdom of Babri on December 6, 1992 was an illegal, unconstitutional and criminal act. Despite acknowledging all these clear facts, the court gave a very unfair decision. Court handed over the land of the mosque to the people who criminally placed idols in it and committed martyrdom.

The General Secretary of the Board further said that since the Supreme Court is the highest court of the country, there is no choice but to accept its final decision.

However, we must say that this is a cruel and unjust decision which was given by the majority. The Supreme Court has given its verdict on November 9, 2019, but it has embarrassed justice.

Alhamdulillah, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, a collective platform representing Indian Muslims, and other parties have not spared a single minute in the court battle. It was a movement based on lies and slander. It was a political movement that had nothing to do with religion or religious teachings. A building based on lies and oppression is never sustainable.

The General Secretary further said in his statement that no matter how bad the situation is, we should not lose heart and put our trust in Allah.

One should create the mood to live in the opposite situation. Things do not always remain the same. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an. Therefore, we do not have to be disappointed or overwhelmed by the situation. The example of the Hagia Sofia Mosque in Istanbul is a telling picture of this verse.

“I appeal to the Muslims of India not to be discouraged by the decision of the Supreme Court and the construction of a temple on mosque land,” he said. We must also remember that the world center of Tawheed and the Ka’bah, the house of God, have been the center of polytheism and idolatry for a long time.

Inshallah, we fully expect that not only Babri Masjid but this entire garden will be filled with the song of Tawhid. It is our responsibility to repent of our mistakes at such a critical juncture, to improve our morals and character, to make our home and society religious, and to move forward with full courage in the face of adversity.

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