Bilawal levels corruption allegations at the PTI government

April 30, 2021: According to the report of BaaghiTV, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari termed the PTI government as the most corrupt government in the history of the country. Bilawal Zardari said that he had told the government from the beginning that NAB and economy could not go hand in hand but Imran Khan did not agree and the country’s economy was destroyed.

Imran Khan will be remembered as one of the worst rulers who promoted corruption by raising the slogan of accountability. Imran Khan used to call everyone corrupt by waving the reports of Amnesty International and today the same organization is saying that the PTI government carried out the most looting. The target Imran Khan will not find a place in the dustbin of history.

He said, “Those who contracted a foreign firm to find fake evidence against President Zardari in false cases paid billions of rupees to the firm itself, billions of rupees to the national exchequer in the adventure of false allegations of corruption, cases and investigations. Are the real culprits of the nation, isn’t it political revenge that the investigation proved corruption on PTI ministers and advisers but only Khurshid Shah is in jail on the basis of mere allegations.”

Bilawal Zardari said that corruption is just an excuse, Imran Khan’s real aim is to suppress the voices against his power by taking political revenge in the name of accountability, if the hands of those who make false accusations of corruption. If only one case of foreign funding is decided against Imran Khan, then the national exchequer can benefit by billions of rupees. The slogan of accountability is a camouflage of Imran Khan while his capitalist friends loot the people.

Bilawal Zardar said, “The bubble of Imran Khan’s credibility was blown out on the same day that when the Prime Minister gave an amnesty scheme to launder black money, the question would arise that the elements who made billions of rupees from the crises of wheat, sugar, petrol and medicine. The PTI came to power with a promise to end corruption in 90 days and committed so much corruption that it broke all previous records. If the people’s patience is exhausted, then the PTI The government standing on the crutches of the budget is a breath of fresh air.”

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