Services rendered by Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik recognised by the UN

April 30, 2021: According to the report of BaaghiTV, Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik’s retirement, full court reference was held in the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Gulzar Ahmed said, “I pay tribute to Justice Manzoor Ahmed Malik for his services. The United Nations has also praised the decision of Justice Manzoor Ahmed Malik. The U-*-*

N has advised to use this decision of Justice Manzoor Ahmed Malik as a precedent for the world. The services of Justice Manzoor Ahmed Malik will always be appreciated. It will be remembered that I congratulate Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik on his successful career.”

Addressing the full court reference in the Supreme Court, Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan said that Justice Manzoor Malik started welfare work from the time of his advocacy. Justice Manzoor Malik established a free legal aid society for the needy. Justice Manzoor Malik’s decision regarding mental disability has been historic. Justice Manzoor Malik, as a judge, took a compassionate attitude towards lawyers and lawyers.  The services of Justice Manzoor Malik will always be remembered.

Secretary Supreme Court Bar Khushdal Khan said that Justice Manzoor Malik as the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court decided 30,000 cases, Justice Manzoor Malik heard and disposed of 20,000 cases in the Supreme Court, Justice Faiz Issa’s case decision gave independence to the judiciary. Justice Manzoor Malik’s services in the delivery of justice will be remembered, if any If an honest judge is removed at the behest of the administration, the door will be opened to remove other judges.

The judge himself said that advocacy of criminal cases has always been his hobby. I think that I was appointed for the post related to criminal cases.

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