Bloody clashes between Saudi and Emirate troops in Yemen

Sanaa: According to reports, bloody clashes between Saudi and Emirati troops have once again taken place in Yemen.

Al-Alam, citing local sources report, that Saudi-backed Abdurrahman Mansour Hadi’s resigned government troops and UAE-backed Transitional Council forces clashed in the Yemeni province of Abyan’s Al-Taria and Al-Sheikh. Bloody clashes broke out again in the Salem area and rockets were fired at Saudi-backed military bases. Meanwhile, Mansoor Hadi’s troops also retaliated against the UAE-backed troops and fired rockets.

Clashes between Saudi and Emirati troops resumed in Yemen a day after the Riyadh agreement was reformed between the resigned government of Abdullah Mansour Hadi and the Transitional Council. Under the agreement, the two sides agreed to form a coalition government in southern Yemen.

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