Boat collision on Padma river kills 25: Bangladesh

Dhaka, May 3 2021: A boat collision in the Padma river near the town of Shibchar in central Bangladesh has resulted in the deaths of 25 people. According to the local police chief Miraz Hossain, 5 survivors have been rescued from the accident site.

The collision took place between a packed passenger boat with 30 people onboard and a transport vessel carrying sand. Local fire service officials and rescue services say more people may still be missing. A land with many rivers and criss-crossing deltas, accidents such as this one are not rare. A lack of maintenance, safety standards and overcrowding on vessels are usually the reasons for these maritime accidents. Vessels such as the one involved in this incident sit lower in the water and are hard to see in the choppy river particularly with poor light.

Earlier this month, a maritime accident resulted in the deaths of 30 people when a packed ferry with 50 people on board was rushing home because of an impending lockdown and consequently lost control and collided with a bigger cargo ship. While in June last year ferry in Dhaka sank after being hit by another ferry resulting in 32 deaths.

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