British TV Judge Finds Himself in Hot Water

BTS Army reacts to Cowell's aspirations of rivaling Kpop

Just when we all thought there was enough drama in the music industry, Simon Cowell had to go and anger K-Pop fans the world over.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Kpop fans especially BTS’ Army, have targeted Simon Cowell following recent reports of Cowell wanting to introduce a new genre of music. Yes, it’s true, the most popular UK reality show judge is under fire from the world’s most aggressive fans after suggesting the creation of a new musical genre, UK-Pop.

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Cowell is reportedly in the process of launching an X-Factor spin-off called X-Factor: The Band. While talking to UK tabloid The Sun, Cowell revealed that he wants to invent a brand new genre that will rival the music genre which is currently ruling supreme and topping global musical charts.

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He explained that “K-Pop is ruling the world and this is a show to find a band to launch UK-Pop.” Cowell continued to dig his own grave, “Just like Little Mix, Fifth Harmony and One Direction. It’s people who represent Britain’s version of K-Pop.”

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After revealing this unexpected news, BTS fans took to Twitter to drag Cowell for trying to rival K-pop. Baaghi TV has compiled a list of some of the most prominent and hilarious reactions Kpop fans have had with regards to this latest news.


Some other social media users also troll Simon Cowell. One of the user wrote, “Are they singing in English and Korean?”

Another user wrote, “Omg what is this.”

One other user expressed pride at being a part of the BTS army, “I fell of my bed reading this tweet!!! ARMYs as always , we are a bunch (a big , very-very BIG bunch) of crackheads and I stan that . Let’s get it fam.

Another user wrote, “Then their debut song would be “Too Many Dreams.”

After upsetting the BTS ARMY, Cowell may want to rethink his marketing strategy here. Do you agree with the Kpop fans or with Cowell? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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