Broadsheet after Panama, want to know who stopped further investigation?

Prime Minister Imran Khan makes major announcement.

According to a report by Baaghi TV, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the Panama Papers exposed the money laundering and corruption of the elite. Now Broadsheet has once again exposed the corruption of the same elite. The elite cannot hide themselves by calling the revelations retaliatory.

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For a more detailed report on the Broadsheet issue, view.

On the social networking site Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that all these revelations are what I have been fighting for, since 24 years. I consider corruption as the biggest threat in the development of Pakistan, the elite enters the government to loot. The elite do money laundering to send out the proceeds of corruption. The elite thinks that sending money abroad will help them escape Pakistani laws.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that they take these NROs from political connections so that the amount of corruption is saved. The people of Pakistan suffer the most from the whole situation. On the one hand, the money of the people is sacrificed for their plunder.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that it takes taxpayers’ money to bring back the looting money. Giving NRO wastes all this money. All these revelations of corruption are just the beginning. Want transparency, want to know who stopped Broadsheet from further investigation regarding money laundering of elites from Broadsheet.

For a more detailed report on the Broadsheet issue, view.

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