Building Society – Importance of Educating Women

The sole and only purpose of education should be to improve one’s thinking ability and decision-making, especially when it comes to choosing between right and wrong by conducting an impartial analysis based on the available information and arguments.

Now are talking about Basic education as a nation.

Learning basic education builds human thinking on a logical basis. With basic education, we stop perceiving people as ominous, the cause of the ‘evil’ eye. We begin to understand that others are not inferior to us and we begin to realize that this world is not only for our benefit. We have to live with all the other human beings and all the animals in this world. That is why, in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, a uniform curriculum is being introduced at the primary level across Punjab from the beginning of the new academic year. The move will not only revolutionize the education sector in the country but will also help to end class divisions.

Finally, we are mainly talking about Women’s Education.

An educated woman plays a very important role in raising a generation. If the mother is educated then surely her children will also have good qualities which will definitely be beneficial for the society at large, as it is essential for the development of any society. It is very important for society, in general, to be educated. As far as the basic training and education of children are concerned, the education of women is extremely necessary.

If you educate a man, he will educate a man, but if you educate a woman, you are educating the whole society.

That is why it is very important for a woman to be educated along with a man for the development of any society. The development of a strong and educated society is possible only in the hands of educated women. Without education, any society is incomplete. It is the duty of every man to acquire knowledge and it is his duty to acquire it.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said: “Acquiring knowledge is the duty of all Muslims (men and women without distinction)”. Thereby, acquiring knowledge is as obligatory on women as it is on men. No society is complete without women’s education. As everyone knows, a child’s first school is his mother’s lap. If the mother herself is not adorned with the ornaments of education, how is it possible that this child has learned something better from his first-class? Just as a man crushes the state system and other systems after getting an education, so a woman gets an education and runs a household system. A man’s education benefits an institution while a woman’s education provides educated people to the whole society.

A decent woman makes the house a model of paradise. These manners of a woman are the result of her wisdom and insight. In this aspect of education and training, it is necessary for a woman as well as a man to be educated so that she may be fully acquainted with her religion and family affairs and may develop a certain degree of decency.

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