CAA further extends COVID-19 restrictions on all flights

Lahore, 5th April: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s for the international passengers for both private and chartered flights have been extended.

According to reports from Baaghi TV, the Civil Aviation Authority on Monday issued the directions to extend the SOPs for international travellers.

As per the notification, CAA stated that the SOPs for the international travellers will be implemented at all the airports of the country and will be extended till July 5.

The aviation authority has divided the SOPs into three categories of A, B and C. It was stated in the notification that the travellers coming from countries falling in Category-C will be banned to travel to Pakistan.

As per reports from last week, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) formed a task force to enforce the coronavirus-related SOPs at the airports.

The safety measures include wearing face masks throughout the flight, maintaining safe social distance and use of hand sanitisers.

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