Campaign against smoking use, launch of website

Kramatic Welfare Trust launches smoking-related website called “”.

Reiterating its commitment to rid Pakistan of smoking, the Chromatic Trust has launched a website that will contain all the information related to the anti-smoking awareness campaign. The website will inform the public about the performance of the awareness campaign, research papers, statistics and future strategies.

These views were expressed by Sharq Khan, CEO, Chromatic Trust, at the inauguration of the website at a conference in Murree. Sharq Khan said that access to and use of information available on the Pakistan website has been made extremely easy and this website is part of the anti-smoking campaign which is especially useful for journalists. Will be helpful The authentic information available on this website and the facts about the obstacles in the way of banning smoking will be shared. Will show how serious Pakistan is to save its future generations from the scourge of smoking.

The conference was attended by journalists and social and influencers from across the country. Sharq Khan said that the launch of the website is one of the steps taken by Chromatic Trust against smoking which is a serious step which covers the future thinking of Chromatic Trust.

Explaining the details of the website, Sharq Khan said that in view of the growing trend of smoking and its adverse effects on human health and social harm, the launch of such a website was a matter of urgency. Provide facts, information and authoritative data to enable the legislature to take steps for the betterment of Pakistan.

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