China will be the next superpower: Mubashar Lucman reveals in his video


Lahore, 29th May: Pakistan’s renowned anchor Mubashar Lucman has revealed in his latest video that China and the United States are considered rivals in world politics.


Mubashar Lucman stated in his video that the upcoming presidential election in the United States has added to the tension, and the war of words between the two countries has reached its climax.

The booming US economy was at the center of Trump’s election campaign, but that is no longer the case now and Trump is quickly losing his popularity in many states.


Mubashar Lucman added that anti-China sentiment has increased since Trump launched a trade war against China, and Trump’s tone has been changing ever since Beijing’s criminal negligence came to light after the outbreak.

Mubashir Luqman further said that China is being dragged during the elections, China is also facing economic problems, tensions on both sides will increase, at a time when the United States is dependent on Chinese medicine and medical equipment, perhaps to say It would not be wrong for the United States to be too afraid of its traditional rival to be defeated by China, but the United States can do nothing, and when the global epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China, there were controversial statements from US officials.

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Lucman added that the US now stands at number one position in the spread of the pandemic and has failed to control it. As far as China is concerned, it has overcome the virus. In all this scenario US helplessness is clear, which is why the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Trump for the killings.

Mubashar Lucman further said that if the two countries are compared in this situation, China’s position seems to be stable. There are three things that show that China is better than the US.

China has succeeded in defeating the pandemic and the United States has failed.

Secondly, China has helped Italy, Spain, Iran, France, and other countries despite its own difficulties, while the United States is awaiting help from other countries and even had to accept aid from a rival like Russia.

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Third, China has a diplomatic advantage over the United States, as many world organizations, including the World Health Organization, seem to support China rather than the United States.


Leading anchor said that the pressure is mounting on China and it looks like China is replacing the United States as a world power and the EU will have to formulate a stronger policy towards China, with bitter rhetoric in the coming days in two major economies.

Lucman added that due to the United States and China, international organizations are not able to play the role that was needed in this crisis. The relationship between the EU and China is not based on mutual understanding and transparency. There will be an opportunity at the EU-China summit to formulate a policy that will also lead to better relations with other South Asian countries.

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Lucman adds that the current economic situation is very bad for the US. Therefore technology and the US military superiority in the world can not remain forever.

On the other hand, China used its scientific and medical energies wisely and defeated the pandemic and plunged the United States into the epidemic.

Lucman ends his video saying that if this situation continues, then China already has the ability to lead the world. So the balance of global power could shift from the United States to Asia, and perhaps in the future, China may become a superpower.

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