Commissioner Lahore gives important instructions


Lahore (4th Sept, 2020): After the downpour of heavy rains across the region, Commissioner Lahore Zulfiqar Ghuman, visits the locations and issues important instructions.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, after heavy rains in Lahore, Lahore Commissioner Zulfiqar Ghman visited the city.

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Commissioner Lahore visited Lawrence Road, Mall Road, Lakshmi, Railway Station, and Ek Moria areas within Lahore. Commissioner Zulfiqar Ghmuan said that it has been raining continuously for three to four hours in the entire city. WASA officers, staff and machinery are present and working in the field. The city has received 148 mm of rain so far.

Commissioner Lahore said that 148 mm has been recorded in Lakshmi while 146 mm has been recorded in Walled City. He added, all ACs to monitor the drainage operation from time to time. Drainage is being made efficient by means of WASA’s emergency rain stations. Keep your teams active in MCL Plazas. It is raining. All the disposal stations in the city are working at full capacity.

According to the Meteorological Department, the rains will continue intermittently and the monsoon spell will continue to rain in the city till Sunday. After the rain, the situation in the city remained the same, rain water accumulated in many areas. The traffic system on the roads also became chaotic, and the citizens suffered severely.

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