Concussion Replacement: Adeel Malik Replaces Ghulam Muddassar


Karachi, 4 November 2020: Fast bowler Adeel Malik has taken the field in place of Ghulam Mudassar in Sindh’s Second XI for their fourth round fixture of the three-day Quaid-e-Azam Trophy against Southern Punjab at the State Bank Stadium as a concussion replacement after the latter received a blow on his head while fielding yesterday.

Mudassar was observed by the physios of both teams overnight and was asssessed again before the resumption of the last day’s play today.

While there were no immediate memory, balance and coordination issues, the 21-year-old felt dizziness following which Ghulam Ali, Sindh Second XI’s head coach and manager, made a request for the concussion substitution to match referee Mohammad Aslam, which was approved.

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