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LAHORE: ‘Stop Violence Against Women!’ is the primary focus of the conference set to be held on 16th September 2021, at the Javaid Iqbal Auditorium Lahore High Court, Lahore.

From amongst four guest speakers and three participants, the conference is aimed at highlighting the recently passed laws and legislations towards eradicating gendered violence against women.

Speaking to Baaghi TV, Advocate Naheed Baig said, “Our goal is to raise awareness that restricting dress code should not be a priority rather the government should focus on implementing a balanced approach of education and positive upbringing”. She added that change will only be possible when all three factors are considered, of which education is of foremost importance.

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According to Advocate Baig, when we digress from conversations that are needed, we shift focus from what matters, and that it coming up with a lasting solution. She elaborated that when government and private departments working for women shift the blame on the victim or their clothing, they ensure that the public takes things for granted.

Speaking to Baaghi TV, Advocate Naheed Baig argued that the aim of the conference is to highlight the recent incidents involving violence and abuse against women with a specific focus on the Noor Mukaddam murder, Usman Mirza harassment case, and the Minar-e-Pakistan case.

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With reference to the Minar-e-Pakistan incident involving TikToker Ayesha who was allegedly harassed by a mob of 400 men, Advocate Baig said we need to ensure proper protection and implementation of laws concerning women. We need to question the role of the government department and law enforcement agencies if such an incident is to occur. What is their role? How should they conduct themselves and protect women?

She argued that keeping women at home or telling them not to visit public spaces alone is not the way forward, rather we need to strive for safer public spaces. Among other concerns, it is the mindset of the community that needs to be targeted through proper education.

Recently, activists took to the streets to protest against the Minar-e-Pakistan incident in Karachi during which Nasir Mansoor of the National Trade Union Federation, also argued against the ‘feudal mindset’ of the people. According to Dawn reports, Mansoor argued that the “Prime Minister of Pakistan says women should dress decently as men are not robots. But here in our country, women are not even safe in their graves”.

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Furthermore, Advocate Naheed Baig is of the opinion that we need to work on a government and private level to fix the problem. Referencing the Noor Mukaddam murder case and the Usman Mirza harassment case she stressed that we need to talk about the how’s and the why’s of the situation so that we can work on the way forward by creating a safer community for all.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Naheed Baig & Co.

Senior Pakistani investigative journalist, Mubasher Lucman is set to be the guest speaker among other esteemed professionals such as Dr. Nausheen who is heading the Mass Communication department at the Punjab University, Dr. Faiza of the Lahore College for Women University, and Advocate Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri who has experience as a mediator, assistant to Chief Justice Pakistan and Advocate Supreme Court.

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In addition to this, students from three different universities are set to participate in the conference to share their experiences and stories.
Among the guest speakers, Mubasher Lucman has been most vocal with regard to the Noor Mukaddam trial. In his vlogs on the Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube Channel, he is an advocate for justice and demands severe punishment for the murderer accused, Zahir Jaffer.

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