Couple Sexually Assaulted, Video Leaked: Who is Usman Mirza?

Couple Sexually Assaulted, Video Leaked: Who is Usman Mirza? #Baaghi

A video went viral on social media yesterday, in which it can be clearly seen that a man, named Usman Mirza, along with his friends is torturing, harassing and sexually abusing a couple.

As soon as the video went viral on social media, it spread like wildfire and the video reached Inspector General (IG) Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman, who took immediate notice of the incident. Islamabad police took immediate action and nabbed the prime suspect Usman Mirza who was involved in forcefully filming an obscene video of a couple in Islamabad.

Usman Mirza case becomes more complicated

As a result, the Capital City Police have arrested and registered a case against him and some other people seen in the video after it went viral on Pakistani social media. Police have also obtained a two-day remand against the three accused.

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According to sources, Usman Mirza owns a car showroom in the I-9 sector of Islamabad. Furthermore, Baaghi TV has learnt from its reliable sources that this guy, Usman Mirza, is not only a sex pervert and blackmailer but is habitual of such shameful activities. Owner of an apartment in E-11/2 Islamabad, Usman Mirza is a voyeur as so many unaware customers especially single females have been watched naked by him and his licentious friends through hidden cameras which are installed in all the rooms and bathrooms of his apartment.

Usman Mirza Assaulting A Young Couple, What Actually Happened? Video Viral

Moreover, our sources revealed that many helpless young couple as well as single females have been victims of gang rape at his apartment after threatening that their videos will be uploaded on internet if they speak up.

Some of the clips in the video, which went viral on social media, show the accused and his friends torturing a young couple. In the video, the accused abuses the boy and the girl and slaps them repeatedly on the face. It can also be seen that they try to take off their clothes and threaten to kill them.

In another video that went viral on social media, it was seen that Usman Mirza and his gang took off the girls clothes as they stripped the couple naked. The girl was forcefully stripped and filmed with her clothes of and later the video went viral on social media.

Female Nurses Harassed, Sexually Abused in Usman Buzdar’s Constituency

The victims in the video are frightened and repeatedly demanding forgiveness as the woman sobs and cries, but the accused constantly treats her rudely and continues to torture her along with her accomplices.

Another clip shows a group of men with weapons, led by Usman Mirza, physically harming the man and woman and forcing them to engage in sexual activity. At the end of the video, the accused grabs the victims with both his arms and orders them to say goodbye in a good way. When the boy says that he is ‘dizzy’, the accused further abuses him.

The case was registered under Section 354-A, Section 506, Section 341 and Section 509 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). As per Section 354-A, whoever assault or uses criminal force to any woman and stripes her of her clothes and, in that condition exposes her to the public view, shall be punished with death or with imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.


Lets see what will happen with Usman Mirza as everyone can clearly see him committing the above mentioned crime. It will soon be revealed whether the sexually assaulted couple will get the justice from the Pakistani Judiciary or will Usman Mirza get out on bail soon because of his dirty money and contacts.

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