COVID-19: Russia’s death toll at record high

Russia: COVID-19 single day death toll surpasses 1000 for the first time ever since the pandemic began in Russia on Saturday.

According to details, the record of COVID-19 related deaths had been rising all week, with Kremlin blaming the Russians for being reluctant to vaccination.

Russia has recorded almost 222,000 deaths by COVID-19 being the highest in Europe, with an increasing rate of another 33,000 infections recorder on Saturday. As for the vaccination, only about one tgird of the Russian population has been vaccinated amid the wide distrust of getting a jab.

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While the government has avoiding imposing strict restrictions in order to keep the economy working, Kremlin emphasizes public apathy on vaccination.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated this week: “In a situation where infections are growing, it is necessary to continue to explain to people that they must get vaccinated. He added, “It is really irresponsible not to get vaccinated. It kills.”

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The government further insists the health system still has enough capacity to cope with increasing COVID-19 patients whereas Health Minister Mikhail Murashko urges doctors who had abandoned practice in the wake of COVID-19 to get vaccinated and return to work.

Currently the number of active infected people in Russia scale up to 750,000 which corresponds to the highest recorded ever since February 2020. Overall infections since the outbreak began are now closing in on 8 million.

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