‘Covid is no longer treatable in India, Government and the system have failed’, claims Indian doctor


Dr. Pradeep Sinha of Sassoon General Hospital, Maharashtra in his message to the worked has warned of the alarming COVID-19 situation. 

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According to reports, the Indian government and system has failed to control the corona virus spread and other countries, including Pakistan are also in danger. Dr. Pradeep Sinha while ringing alarm concerning COVID-19 in India has highlighted new symptoms of the epidemic.

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In his message, Dr. Sinha has mentioned that the current wave is highly dangerous and is directly attacking the lungs. According to him, there are no sings of fever and/or cough only symptoms of physical discomfort, weakness and loss of appetite. He has cautioned, that patients with these symptoms die within eight to ten hours.

“Patients recovering from COVID19 in the past year are at greater risk because their respiratory system is still not fully recovered,” he said. He elaborated that when a new virus attacks them, their mortality rate is very high. Additionally, Dr. Sinha has argued that based on available data the situation is catastrophic.

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According to Dr. Sinha, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are also experiencing the new variant and will end up in a similar situation as that of India. “Our comrades in small towns in India, especially in the north-east, are saying that this is a war we have already lost,” he said.

Moreover, he argued that in his district alone, more than 400 children have been lost in ten to twelve hours. Dr. Sinha stressed that while there are no symptoms, within a few hours their oxygen level drops which leads to death.

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Reiterating the need for caution, he claimed that the health services in both, public and private sectors, have collapsed. It’s a warning to everyone in your household to take extreme precautions, from children to adults, the virus is no longer curable in India, he stated.

He added that for other developing countries with poor healthcare systems, please note that this is beyond our capabilities. Let’s try to stop this spread, even if it means a hard lockdown, or else what we will have left is physical statistics that show the Spanish flu as a non-event.

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