Cyclists in Karachi participate in polio awareness program

KARACHI, Oct 19 (APP):More than 150 enthusiastic cyclists, from across the metropolis and under the banner of Cycologists, here on Saturday participated in a “polio awareness exercise,” jointly organized by Emergency Operations Center for Polio (EOC Sindh) and Rotary Club.

The event, part of World Polio Day observed on October 24 every year, was aimed at raising awareness and promoting the importance of taking coordinated and concerted actions to “END POLIO” in Pakistan.
The young cyclists, at the very onset of the event, were given a detailed Awareness Session on Polio, its causes and prevention by Abid Hasan, Media Officer EOC Sindh, Masood Balli from Rotary Club Karachi and Dr. Ahmad Ali Shaikh From EOC Sindh.

They were also updated on the latest polio incidents reported in Pakistan and also how important it was for them as citizens to play their part in clearing all misconceptions about vaccinations that can save so many lives and lifelong physical limitation.

Participants of the event pedaled from Khy-e-Tipu Sultan, DHA Phase 8 through the streets of DHA whilst enjoying the lovely morning breeze and ended their two hours ride at park located on Zulfiqar Street, DHA.

Support extended by Aziz Memon, National Chair for Pakistan Polio Plus Committee – Rotary International, for the planning the cycling event was also highly appreciated on the occasion.
The session ended with an interactive question and answer session between the speakers and the audience while cyclists as responsible and patriotic citizens pledged to dedicate this year’s World Polio Day to create awareness on this critical health issue.

The organizers specially thanked the “Cycologists,” a Karachi based non-profitable group, for their support to the cause.

It was appreciated that the cycling and social meet up group that brings together those interested in cycling and improving their health and fitness for dedicating their time for critical issues.
The group organizes rides every Saturday and few regular days of the week with routes ranging from regular streets to the highlights of Karachi.

In addition, Cycologists are passionate about philanthropy and occasionally arrange rides focusing on various environmental, health and social issues as part of their CSR activities to create awareness among the masses. and it was unanimously agreed that.

Also present at the event were prominent Rotarians including Humayun Qureshi (Secretary of Rotary Club – Karachi) and Ali Hafeez Azmat besides Dawood Khan Batozai, Maj. Amjad associated with EOC – Sindh.

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