Dar Hockey Academy: Reservoir of Hockey Players

LAHORE, Dec 29 (APP): For the last many years, Dar Hockey Academy is serving as the biggest reservoir of players in Pakistan at all the tiers: National team, national age group sides and domestic teams.

The Lahore-based academy grooms talent scouted from all over the country. For international exposure, the Academy has gone on six tours of leading European hockey nations, Holland, Belgium and Germany, besides visiting Asian hockey powers India and Malaysia.

In recognition of its immense services to Pakistan hockey, CEO of the Asian Hockey Federation, Tayyab Ikram has announced that the Dar HA would be granted affiliation to the AHF.The affiliation entails Dar Academy to various benefits.

AHF would facilitate the academy in arranging its training tours to the member countries.

The continental federation may also send qualified coaches/trainersto the academy for a certain period. Likewise, academy’s coaches could attend the AHF`s courses.

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