De-Radicalizing Western Foreign Policy: A Response

Analysis in response to “De-Radicalizing Western Foreign Policy” based on facts. It is unsettling that we lost so many LIVES KILLING INNOCENT people in the process. The merciless hunting down of so-called terrorists swept countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the horn of Africa, Yemen, and Sudan.

Mayhem and destruction remained the cause for this endless violence that seems to have gripped these war-torn countries. Leaders like Tony Blair have magnified false perceptions into full-blown fabricated lies around terror financing. Resultantly they went into Iraq and Afghanistan. Now with an ignominious ouster of the Americans from Afghanistan, is a question to ponder upon. America needs to invest now in nonmilitary tools.

After Afghanistan, will the end of the war in Iraq be possible?

Chaati ki Dahi…! Ridding society of the Topsy-Turvy system

There has been a race of arms during these troubling times. There have been allegations as to how the bigger arms companies collaborated with these leaders to exacerbate the game of armageddon. The war games and the jihadism are not stopping here. This is a domino effect indeed. It has given birth to White jihad. The white fanatics craze the jihadis.

This is going to be a snowball in hellfire. The transnational white supremacist movement is a corollary. More than half of the Afghan population lives under a dollar per day. Little over 2 trillion dollars was spent on the war in Afghanistan. In the guise of wars, the occupiers take control of their assets, be it the oil resources, minerals, or the kind. What happened in world war two. Hitler moved on through Europe with absolute might and ferocity the Guderian tanks and Panzers sweeping through Europe and the Luftwaffe gaining aerial command endlessly. But in 5 years the whole of Europe lay in waste.

Natural resources vs. the need for Sustainable economic growth

Noor Muqaddam Case: Unthinkable Crime deserving Highest Punishment

Shortly after the war, Hitler and his members of the team committed suicide. The horrific tales of Auschwitz and the killings of millions of Jews still haunt us. They are a stark reminder of egotistical viciousness that led to a massive rampaging, pillaging, and carnage, and annihilation of human races. All for nothing.

Unfortunately, the dastardly act of killing still continues unabated. It pains me to think how the quest for power in African countries is being played out. The people in these countries have been pushed to the extremities of wretchedness. They continue to live in abject poverty. The rebels and the power-hungry autocrats go forth to serve their goals without an iota of shame or remorse. I am petrified. My guilt haunts me. For these are modern times, as a former mayor from one of the parts of Punjab, a lot could be done to better the lives of the wandering souls. After the repeated misadventure of America, all nations must as a fact invest in nonmilitary tools. Only peace and love are the salvation of our smoldering souls.

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