Dollar on the rise once again?

Baaghi TV: In the interbank market, the value of the dollar has risen again, and the value of the dollar has exceeded by approximately 160 rupees.

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According to the details, the dollar fell in the interbank market this morning. However, this did not last long and the value of the dollar began to soar again.

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In the interbank market, the dollar is trading at Rs. 160 to 90 paise, after rising by one rupee. In the last two days, the value of the dollar has risen by three rupees against the Pakistani rupee.

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It should be noted that in April 2019, the dollar took a big leap and came to Rs. 141.50. May saw a historic rise in its price to Rs. 151. The dollar broke all records in June, reaching an all-time high of Rs. 164. The dollar stopped rising in July 2019 and after the dollar depreciated, it rose to Rs. 160 on the interbank market and Rs. 161 on the open market.

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At the end of October 2019, the rupee appreciated further and the dollar depreciated to Rs 155.70. At the end of November 2019, the buying price of the dollar was 155.25 and the selling price was 155.65

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