Egypt, Jordan to conduct military drill in Read Sea

CAIRO, Oct 23 (XINHUA/APP):Units of the Jordanian Armed Forces have arrived in Egypt to take part in the Jordanian-Egyptian military drill in the Red Sea, the Egyptian armed forces reported on Wednesday.

“The exercise aims at strengthening cooperation to raise their military combat capabilities and readiness of both forces to face regional challenges,” the army said in a statement published on its face book page.

The exercise, dubbed “Aqaba 5,” is a continuation of a series of joint drills between the two countries.
It will be held in the southern military area and the Red Sea operations zone, it added.

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The drill includes the implementation of several maritime and land activities and maritime and ground forces from the two countries are taking part in the war game, according to the statement.

Egypt regularly holds joint military exercises with other countries to boost military collaboration and exchange military expertise.

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