Eviction of French Ambassador is not the Solution


ISLAMABAD: Opponents of Pakistan want Pakistan to make the mistake of evicting the ambassador.  But this is not a proper solution, a strategy must be adopted.

Noor-ul-Haq Qadri says TLP was told that expulsion of French ambassador will not do anything, expulsion of French ambassador means turning the whole of Europe against him, if EU imposes ban, Pakistan’s exports will be halved, at least 10 countries have to take a stand for it. Islamic countries should have stood unitedly on this issue but every country is facing its own outcry.

“We are with you, but we can’t oust the French ambassador. Expelling the French ambassador means turning the whole of Europe against you,” he told private TV. He told the media that expelling the French ambassador would not do any good.

If the same thing happens in Germany, Norway and the Netherlands tomorrow, then what will we do? 50 Pakistani goods go to Europe. If the European Union imposes a ban, Pakistan’s exports will be halved.

Those who are besieging Pakistan are playing with the security of Pakistanis, they dont want to see economic success and this is a part of their clever game, strategy has to be used.

Religion and politics are related but religion should not be allowed to be used for political gain. One country Taking a stand on the issue of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) will not do anything, at least 10 to 15 countries will have to raise their voice on it.