‘Eye To Eye’ Taher Shah with his new song amid the pandemic

Lahore, (10th April): Amidst the dreadful pandemic and dark quarantine days, the ‘Eye to Eye’ sensation is back on track to give a fresh breather to people.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the people’s ‘Angel’ and renowned singer, Taher Shah is making his comeback yet again with a new song set to be released on the 10th of April.

The acclaimed internet sensation of 2013, with his song ‘Eye to Eye’, as well as winning an APEX Award in 2017 for ‘Angel’, Taher Shah is all set to return with a new song. However, it was reported that Taher Shah fled the country after the release of his second song ‘ Mankinds Angel’ in 2016 when he received death threats.

Taher Shah took to his Twitter handle to announce about his upcoming new song with the caption of “Coming Soon”. Formerly known for the tracks ‘Eye to Eye’ and ‘Mankind’s Angel’, the yet unknown title is set to be Shah’s third single.

Despite popular belief that Taher Shah cannot sing and is merely a jester (like the ones presented in Shakespearean plays) meant to distract the public, people eagerly await his latest release. His songs are usually considered to be released aimed at distracting people from the ongoing socio-political situation in the state.

Although notoriously known for the content he puts forth, there is no doubt that his work is original and possesses the zest of entertainment value, from serenading an absentee lover to literally transforming into an angel for his popular song, Taher Shah seems like a force to be reckoned with.

Usually, his song releases coincide with political goings-on in the state. Something has either already happened or is about to take place. Thereby, it may be assumed that the opposition is trying to distract the public from the government initiatives of combating COVID-19 by getting his song released amid the pandemic threat.

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While there is no confirmation, reading between the lines may enable the common man to dig deeper and decide for him/herself.

For his part, Shah explained in a TV interview in Pakistan that the message behind his music is one of great optimism. “Be positive and feel the good things in your heart. When you feel good, then definitely you will be able to portray yourself better.”

This time he may be trying to convey his message of love yet creating a sense of humour with his different style of singing at the time of crisis.

Whether you hate him or love him, there is no doubt that once he releases a song, Twitter trends shift drastically. Let’s hope the latest single is not a political distraction rather a charitable act to provide relief to the public. We leave you to decide between the deeper context, that is, whether it is a conspiracy by the opposition or the truth?

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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