FIA to inquire about 39 more pilots in the fake licenses’ case

Lahore, 17th March: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) continues its probe into the fake pilot’s licenses case.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, FIA has started its probe into dubious pilot licences’ which includes 39 individuals and institutions.

According to reports from ARY News, under three cases related to suspicious pilot licences, the intelligence agency is carrying out an investigation against 39 persons and institutions.

As per sources, 8 pilots of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) are those who possessed suspicious licences, whereas, 11 pilots have gained the licences privately and as per reports, those who gained licences privately are associated with Shaheen Air, Air Eagle and KK Aviation.
Four cases have been filed against such pilots and officials from different institutions including the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

As per reports from March 7, it emerged that the FIA had interrogated a senior official of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to reports gathered from sources, FIA had interrogated the Senior Additional Director (IT) Tahir Umar besides spending two days in the IT sector of the CAA.

They said that besides grilling Tahir Umar, other officials in the CAA were also interrogated during the two days.

As per reports, the agency also took help from cybercrime experts to examine the computers and their system login passwords and also scrutinized the computers used for pilots’ examinations and issuance of licenses.

However, the forensic audit would decide on the officers who had a role in the entire fraud.

FIA agents said, “An action will be taken against the officers and staffers involved in the pilot licenses scam.”

It may also be noted that some of the CAA officers and staffers are already under arrest over their alleged role in the entire scam.

It is important to mention here that in February the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) claimed to disclose a network comprising of its employees and some pilots allegedly involved in the fake pilots’ licenses scam.

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