Former PM declares Conditional Abandonment of Resistance

Former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has conditionally abandoned the statement of resistance and announced to take the path of reconciliation; he said that if we get the rule of law and constitution through reconciliation, we have no problem.

According to details gathered by Baaghi TV, addressing the PML-N meeting, the former prime minister said:

“We have no need to fight and we do not want to fight. If we get the rule of law and the constitution through reconciliation, then we have no problem. If there is the rule of the constitution, then we should be ready.”

According to Urdu News, Nawaz Sharif said that today we are disrespected because we repeatedly violate the constitution. Courts legalize those who violate the constitution. We are also disrespected because we repeatedly win the Prime Minister’s House. And they arrest the Prime Minister, they break the parliament, they break the law, they break the courts, they steal elections.

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Former PM also stated that Ishaq Dar worked hard day and night to put Pakistan on the path of development. The economy was in bad shape in 2014 but it brought it back on track and brought the growth rate to 5.8%. If he had not been evicted on the basis of residence [issues], we would have come to 7% next year.

He said:

“At present there is no seat for Pakistan in the UN Security Council (UNSC) and we do not have enough votes to submit a resolution. It is a matter of national dignity that a leader does not call and a leader does not answer the phone.”

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He criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and quoted:

“If the country’s debts increase then the Prime Minister is a thief, if the price of flour goes up then the Prime Minister is a thief, if the price of sugar goes up then the Prime Minister is a thief. The people are calling you a thief and a robber. The people have called you the biggest thief and robber.”

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