Fortune of a Nation is nothing without Justice!

Fortune-of-a-Nation-is-nothing-without-Justice! #Baaghi

The fortunes of a nation are inextricably linked with charismatic leaders, and the able system of governance that all citizens breathe under, unfortunately. We are a strange country where rule of law is virtually nonexistent. We lack leadership. We have not been able to present ourselves as true leaders along the road.

Since all lack vision, honesty, steadfastness, also brinkmanship, and stewardship for want of political baptism which is too seldom to happen to a fortunate scion of a reasonably good named gharana or a political ashram. The thinking of our political gurus is convoluted which could be irredeemably flawed in most cases.

Psychophancy, expediencies, blackmailing, religiously bigoted stubborn attitudes, unfair regulating authorities, probably feed on the blood of their victims. All these injustices and inequalities lead to a more complex society. With many recent episodes of rape, physical abuse, and then torturing and beheading of an innocent young girl and the extent of barbarity that takes place unabashedly and with amazing audacity simply boggles your mind.

Now as for Imran Khan (IK) people expect more from him. He represents exactly the opposite of Nawaz and Zardari. People expect a lot out of IK. In reality, a common man has to endure hardship and brace challenges with lingering pain and agony. IK will have to dispense his obligations as a leader. He may be tasked with the aforementioned cases. Let’s see what comes out of these.

However, with the recent rejection of the anti-domestic bill, one can say that the government has again succumbed to the mullah lobby. People are at their tipping point, it’s probably the end of their tether. With this increasing mullahlization of Pakistan, as the millennials call it, and with the Taliban next door we are not far from a radicalized, dystopian society. The Taliban may be termed as a rag-tag militia but there is some semblance of justice that we see. They believe in the principle of retributive justice.

Something we earnestly long for. If restlessness on account of lawlessness heightens, and the wrongdoers are on the run, rampaging, pillaging, and plundering should not go unpunished or not brought to justice there will be snowball in hellfire. The people are no longer willing to show patience, waiting for God’s wrath. On a serious note, I sense more trouble. The Talibanization of masses or the Taliban themselves may march on beyond the borders of Afghanistan into Pakistan. There may be a sizeable no. of people with a long list of wilful gruesome acts perpetrated by the offenders them being victims, who are likely to sway the other side siding with the Taliban seeking justice.

If this problem is left unattended the problem might swell and everything goes haywire. We need to be careful, it’s come that close. Only a matter of time. I am not fantasizing. During the Musharraf regime, we saw dissension in rank and files. We were split into pro-Musharraf, and pro-Taliban definite polarity divisions. Something we have seen already.

The agencies, the high and mighty must create certain organizations which can accordingly take care of such evildoers. A vigilante organization has to be created so that the ideals of justice in the Islamic Republic of ours are upheld and met with. The vigilantes must gather information independently from every city of Pakistan and deal with the goons accordingly. The Pakistan Army which has been engaged actively for such a long time flushed out terrorists, taking care of these tiny maggots who have caused tremendous pain to the poor yet, unresourceful people are always at the mercy of humble circumstances. The two cases are test cases for the armed forces, establishment, and the government. If not brought to justice there will be a snowball in hellfire.

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