France Places the United States onto its Travel Red List

France has announced a tightening of the health rules applicable to travelers arriving from the United States (US), with, among other things, a mandatory ten-day quarantine for people not vaccinated against Covid-19, unless there is a compelling reason.

According to the details, France has updated its red list of countries at risk because of their health situation. As per a decree published in the Official Journal on Saturday January 1, 2022, the US is now part of it, due to the rise of Covid-19 cases in the country, report BFMTV and Air Journal.

The United States thus joins the list of countries classified “red” by Paris, the third level out of four of a scale based on the evolution of health indicators, which includes the territories “in which an active circulation of the virus is observed with a presence of variants of concern.” The United States as well as Congo and Tanzania thus join Malawi, Namibia, Russia and Serbia.

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From January 2, 2022, travelers returning from the US must isolate themselves for 10 days. For vaccinated travelers, the presentation of a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours remains in effect.

This change of category does not change the rules applicable to people vaccinated from the United States, who must present on boarding the negative result of a PCR test or an antigen test carried out less than 48 hours before departure of the flight. Vaccinated travelers may also be tested for antigen on arrival.

According to the French government website, unvaccinated travelers will only be allowed to enter and leave France with a “compelling reason” from a pre-determined list. Such reasons include the death of a direct family member and Individuals traveling to their country of residence.

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It is to be recalled that air travel continues to be severely disrupted in the US, with bad weather in parts of the country adding to the impact of a surge in Covid-19 infections fuelled by the Omicron variant. Around 2,723 flight from the US were canceled from a total of 4,698 flights.

In addition, 11,043 domestic flights were delayed worldwide yesterday, out of which 5,993 were to the US. According to a foreign news agency, the global air travel industry is also struggling with COVID-19 Omicron variant.

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