SereneAir Pilots Get Drunk in Istanbul, Passports Confiscated

SereneAir Pilots Get Drunk in Istanbul, Passports Confiscated #Baaghi

The aviation industry in Pakistan is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, be that the possession of fake licenses by Pakistani pilots or the ban imposed by the European Union (EU) on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight operations.

However, Baaghi TV has learnt from reliable sources that recently two SereneAir pilots, Captain Syed Muhammad Qasim and First Officer (FO) Sahar got into trouble after getting drunk in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is to be noted that Captain Qasim and FO Sahar went to Istanbul for their simulator training to Istanbul. After the simulator session, the two got into a taxi to go out for dinner. On their way to a restaurant for dinner, the taxi driver offered them hookers to which both, Qasim and Sahar agreed.

Expensive bottles of wine and liquor were served and the two pilots were accompanied by girls at the venue. However, once the party ended, a bill of USD $1,000 was presented to the pilots which they refused to pay.

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The two drunk pilots were later presented in front of the Turkish law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and their passports were confiscated on the spot. Furthermore, First Officer Sahar was denied leaving Turkey after which the Pakistani consulate in Istanbul had to intervene.

It is to be noted that Captain Syed Muhammad Qasim is a former Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot and First Officer Sahar is an ex-airforce officer.

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The culture of alcoholism among commercial pilots on the rise. Infested with unions and associations supported by political parties and governments in power, the aviation industry of Pakistan is bereaved of its past glory. The federal government should take strict legal action against such associations, airlines and regulators in order prevent such incidents in future.


The management of Serene Airlines should also take stern action against such crew members who fail to perform their duties effectively which, at later stages, creates a negative brand image of the airline as well as of the country.

Baaghi TV is exploring this story further as reportedly there are frequent such incidents, so stay tuned to Baaghi TV for latest news and updates!


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