Gen Hameed Gul Should Not Be Involved In Any Conspiracy: Lucman


Why is the government evacuating a land piece which is in somebody else’s possession? Mubasher Lucman unveils the hidden truth behind the conspiracy.

Mubasher Lucman, the renowned anchorperson has paid tribute to former ISI chief General Hameed Gul in his latest video on YouTube. The scandal being unveiled is about a General Bus Stand in Rawalpindi, owned by General’s son-in-law, Yusaf Gul.

Mubasher Lucman revealed that this is the biggest controversy in Rawalpindi’s history, actually being produced by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (NS). Captain Muhammad Safdar from the Pak Army and Muhammad Yusaf from the Air Force, were leading the Secretarial Staff of Nawaz Sharif. Reportedly, Yusaf left the Air Force or was made to leave is unknown.

According to Baaghi TV, Mubasher Lucman revealed that NS was pleased with Hameed Gul’s son-in-law and gave a general bus stand in Rawalpindi to Mohammad Yusuf on lease. Yusaf took a loan from the bank and started the Waraan Bus Service. However, in 2005 the service got closed, and Muhammad Yusaf took the ownership of 35 canals of the land gifted to him by Nawaz Sharif.

During this time, Mohammad Yousuf started illegal work on that land, opened petrol pumps, jewelery shops, and many other businesses. Lucman also mentioned the meeting with renowned journalist Iftikhar Ahmed and General Hameed Gul in which General Hameed Gul had expressed that he had no connection with this Waraan bus service or any link to the illegal work going on.

Son-in-law-Yusaf Gul is allegedly carrying out his illegal activities on that land in the name of the general. However, he was the most honest and brave general who kept himself away from such controversies.


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He said that now the government needed a big place to build a quarantine center for patients infected with the coronavirus and this 35 canals land piece is considered best suited for this purpose.

The government had given that land on lease and now when the lease period is over, the land actually belongs to the government. Yusuf Gul and his wife should refrain from stopping Imran Khan from acquiring the land, which is no longer their property and no businesses are being done on it.

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Imran Khan has obtained that piece of land for the benefit of the country. Mubasher Lucman said today that opponents of Imran Khan will have to admit that he is a man who knows how to take big decisions for the state and the country and the acquittal of this land is living proof of that.

Lucman said that Mohammad Yousuf benefited from Captain Safdar and Mian Sahib, Uzma Gul became the assistant of Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif, but later Uzma Gul separated herself on not getting tickets for certain seats.

Lucman informs Yusaf Gul not to malign the government and Imran Khan in this matter. In the end, Mubasher Lucman has urged all people not to use the name of the deceased. General Gul should be remembered in the best of the words.

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