MBS calls in the Army: Revealed by Lucman


Mubasher Lucman in his recent video reveals the ongoing politics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the latest conspiracies related to the Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS).

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Mubasher Lucman on his YouTube channel unveils that the Saudi Crown prince is in hot waters and his worries are increasing with every passing minute.

His removal of 13 royal princes proved to be not enough, it is felt that the conspirators have scattered and now will be uniting for the final blow.

This seems to be the main reason after the imposture of curfew and giving the command to the Saudi Military for all-important areas in and around Haram instead of Police.

MBS’s Hidden Agenda: Army called in Makkah

According to Lucman, 4,934 individuals are affected by the epidemic in the Kingdom and with 6 new reported deaths, the overall death toll is 65 so far.

In Riyadh, 118 cases have been reported, 95 in Madina and Tabook has 22 cases, so this number does not showcase as big a problem as it has been handled.

Countries like Pakistan have a bigger infected number, America has not gone into a total lockdown even though the death rate there is high and today Spain has relaxed the lockdown.

Lucman states that the current lockdown is a blessing in disguise for the Crown Prince as the rest of the world is not bothered by what is actually happening in this royal tug of war.

Prince Salman and King Shah Salman have isolated themselves on the island and the security of all royal palaces and government houses has been handed over to the Military with minimum fuss.

It was feared that the conspiracy of assassinating the Crown Prince was designed by some influential royal family members like recently Corona diagnosed Governor of Makkah.

A Bahraini Television has been reporting the death of Prince Salman after the failed assassination attempt. It has also come to the knowledge that plans were made to announce the formation of a new government in Kabba Sharif.

Muhammad Bin Salman threatened by his own bloodline?

Lucman adds that now strict scrutiny is underway and Prince Salman is not taking any chances, As per sources, for the third time his personal security guards have been changed.

Anyone who has any history of opposing Prince Salman and showing any sign of difference is being removed by the army under the cover of infection. A 500-bed hospital is being made to hold all VIP cases and not let any lose link in the demolition of any opposition or mutiny.

Prince Salman seems to be in a hurry to get his rule as King Salman is old and his health is deteriorating. An important G8 summit is expected in November at Saudia and the Crown Prince wants to head it.

The other fear is, the opposition is getting strong in America and if Donald Trump doesn’t win the elections than MBS might find it difficult to find any support from the new American government.

Worries are on the rise for the Crown Prince and he seems to be in a race against time. let’s see how this mystery unfolds as there are many more twists and turns in this tale of of game of throne.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for further updates!

MBS in serious trouble: Mubasher Lucman


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