High-profile drug dealers involved in smuggling arrested

Lahore, 4th June: Karachi police have arrested high-profile dealers in a major operation against drug dealers.

According to details, SSP City Sarfraz Nawaz said that District City Police conducted a major operation against the drug dealers. During the operation, two high-profile dealers involved in the sale of drugs were arrested. 

According to SSP City, 64 kg hashish, 110 grams crystal and 270,000 cash in 53 packets were recovered from the arrested accused.

During interrogation, the accused said that the drugs were purchased from Habib, a dealer in Balochistan Pishin.

According to Sarfraz Nawaz, the drugs were to be sold in Karachi. The accused had been involved in this nefarious scam for a long time and used to supply the drug dealers at their places. ۔

While conducting an operation on the Sindh-Punjab border, the Excise Department seized 20 kg of hashish from a truck and arrested an accused. The accused was arrested from Excise Check Post, Kumbo Shaheed, Sindh-Punjab Border.

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