I am not a Muslim but I don’t show my body, says Sunita Marshall

Lahore, 8th June: Leading model and actress Sunita Marshall says that even though she is not a Muslim, she doesn’t like wearing vulgar dresses.

Talking about cultural and religious issues in our society, the renowned actress stated that she doesn’t like to wear short dresses, even though she is not a Muslim.

In an interview on YouTube, with the entertainment channel, Something Haute, Sunita said, “I live in a Muslim country, although I am not a Muslim, I know about the culture here. I don’t like to wear inappropriate or short dresses which show off my body.”

According to Sunita, if I was asked to wear short dresses during fashion shows in my modeling career, I would decline to wear those dresses.

Talking about the ultra-modern dresses of models in today’s era, Sunita said that in order to increase followers on social media, newcomers go beyond their limits.

She gave a clear message that girls should trust their talent and forbid wearing such clothes but they do not because they are afraid that doing so will make them go crazy, but this is not the case.

Build your self-confidence and learn to speak out. Not wearing short and vulgar dresses doesn’t make a difference in your career.

In response to a question, Sunita said that I have not had any casting couch incident in my career.

Watch the full video here:

The 40-year-old Sunita Marshall, who married the TV actor Hassan Ahmed in 2009, has two children. These days the actress can be seen playing a strong character in Geo’s famous drama ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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