India’s leading hotel Hyatt Regency closed due to lack of funds

Lahore, 8th June: Hyatt Regency, one of India’s most popular hotels, has temporarily suspended all its operations in Mumbai due to a lack of revenue.

According to Indian media, where the coronavirus has affected every sphere of life, the tourism sector is one of them. The tourism-linked hotel industry has also been badly affected.

The owner of Hyatt Regency Mumbai, one of India’s leading hotels, has said in a notification that the hotel will remain closed till further notice as it is not receiving any funding from Asian Hotels (West).

The notice said that the hotel staff was informed that Hyatt Regency Mumbai was not receiving any funds to pay the salaries of the staff and to operate the hotel.

The hotel further said that all hotel operations have been temporarily suspended immediately and the hotel will remain closed till further notice. Reservations have also been closed on all booking channels of Hyatt.

Hyatt Country Head and Vice President Sanjay Sharma said, “Our colleagues and guests are our top priority. We are in talks with the hotel owners to resolve the situation.”

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