Indian Director believes ‘rape without violence’ should be legalized

Modi Sarkar should pass bill to legalize rape without violence: Daniel Shravan.

New Delhi (5th Dec, 2019): Indian film-maker believes Modi government should legalize ‘rape without violence’. 

The Indian director hopes Indian PM Modi will pass the bill to legalize rape without violence. According to reports of Baaghi TV, the Bollywood star, film-maker, Daniel Shravan, expressed his opinions on social networking site, Twitter, that by legalizing rape without violence, the government will be able to ensure the safety of the perpetrator and the victim. He added that this will benefit the society by leading to an end of violence in state.

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According to an article published in Gulf News, Shravan, went on to imply that women should cooperate with their abusers instead of denying or objecting to their attempts. The post which has now been deleted, as confirmed by Gulf News, has led to social media outrage with people demanding that Daniel Shravan should get treatment.

In his comments, Shravan continued to say that it is not wrong to rob a woman of her honor, or to commit sexual abuse. The problem in his opinion, lies in the fact that the rapist should not commit violence.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the Indian film-maker continued to say that women should cooperate with their abuser if such an incident is to arise. Moreover, he has stated that women should carry contraceptives such as condoms with them so that the rapist can use them to satisfy his desires. Daniel Shravan further added that if women do not thwart the attempts of their attacker, he can fulfill his carnal desire without causing physical harm to the victim.

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He went on to say that violence occurs when a woman thwarts the sexual advances of a man because he cannot control his desire in such moments.

Shravan further tweeted his “suggestions” to Indian PM Modi, for legislating and respecting the wishes of the abuser as a means to cleanse the society of violence. These claims have so far been well received to social media outrage with men and women coming together to speak up against the film-maker. While some have argued that Daniel Shravan is a “pervert” who needs “psychological treatment”, others have stated that he is looking for “cheap publicity”.

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One user has commented that Shravan’s implication means rape is justified yet, murder is not.

Additionally, an Indian social media user has penned down a lengthy post talking about letting go of the notion of “male privilege”.

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