Pakistan’s youth is bright and talented: Julia Kinash

Amsterdam (3rd Dec, 2019): Fifth Youth Global Forum connects more than a hundred young innovators and leaders from around the world to discuss prevalent issues faced by the youth of today. 

According to reports, the fifth Youth Global Forum which started off from Tuesday, the 2nd of December in Amsterdam, Netherlands is organized by the Youth Time International Movement, and connects almost a hundred plus innovators and leaders from across the globe. This year’s agenda includes the topic “At the Cross Roads: Industry 5.0 Vs Inclusive Development”, to be discussed by the participants. Moreover, the participants will discuss how the rapid advancement in technology is taking over the workplaces and affecting the youth in terms of unemployment.

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In conversation with the media, President of the Youth Time International Movement, Julia Kinash, stated that the youth would be given information about this grave matter. She added that it is hoped the youth will be able to meet the challenge to the best of their abilities so they that they can face the problem head on and achieve the best possible outcomes.

According to reports, the innovators will also be pitching their ideas. The winner of the best idea will be awarded the Youth Time Ideas grant which will help to cover the budget for the winning project by an approximate 70 percent. Consequently, the participants with the best pitched ideas will also be granted scholarships to study at prestigious business schools and would also gain internships at leading enterprises, respectively.

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Moreover, while addressing a question, Kinash said that the participants have been selected from almost 42 countries including Pakistan. She continued to add that youth from Pakistan is bright and talented which is why they are always selected to attend the Youth Global Forum. Kinash went on to say that this year’s participant, Sarah Imran, from Pakistan has managed to win a highly competitive and fully sponsored scholarship to attend the global forum.

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