India’s Republic Day, ‘Black Day’ for the world, Modi’s mask forced off?

Baaghi TV: Modi’s hypocrisy is becoming clear. Indian Republic Day is being observed all over the world today. At the request of Hurriyat leaders, there is a complete strike in occupied Kashmir. Rallies were organized in many cities including Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Kotli to shake the dead conscience of the international community. 

India has been celebrating 26th January as Republic Day every year since 1950. Today in Delhi, the trumpet of so-called democracy has been blown, where the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir has been on stand for seeking its democratic rights for seven decades. Against the ban, Kashmiris around the world, including on both sides of the LoC, observe the day as a black day.

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The Kashmiri people say that India, which calls itself the champion of democracy, is involved in serious undemocratic measures to perpetuate the military occupation of the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir Valley.

On the occasion of Black Day, Kashmiri people are also demanding from the international community to play a role in bringing back the deprived Muslim rights. The silence of international organizations on Indian Republic Day is a big question mark. Rallies are being held in several cities, including Kotli.

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Meanwhile, the Sikh community is also feeding on the capital. The Sikhs have now entered the Red Fort and Red Zone in the Indian capital, Delhi. There are millions of Sikhs on their tractors outside Delhi. The youths say that there are one lakh protesters outside Delhi, the farmers have turned 200,000 tractors towards Delhi. A 100 km long tractor parade will be held in Delhi on the Republic Day of India. Wherever farmers sit on state borders. We will march there for 100 km.

Farmer leaders say Indian police and administration have already arrested hundreds of workers.

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It should be noted that farmers have been protesting in India for the last three months, while several rounds of talks with the government have failed.

Most of the participants in the ongoing farmers’ sit-in on the Sanghu border have come from Punjab and Haryana and are followers of the Sikh religion. He was supposed to go to New Delhi and record his protest at the historic Ram Leela Maidan, but after being stopped by security forces, he staged a sit-in.

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This protest is not a single movement. On November 26, 2020, 2.5 million people went on a 24-hour general strike in protest of new agricultural laws passed by the country’s parliament in September.

The farmers are demanding the repeal of three controversial agricultural laws passed by the BJP government, non-elimination of grain markets, maintenance of minimum support price or MSP for foodgrains and waiver of farmers’ loans.

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