Investigation Team Constituted on PIA plane crash

Civil Aviation Authority: A woolly-headed group and their tunnel vision

The Government of Pakistan has constituted an Investigation Team to investigate the tragic accident of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash.

PIA flight No. PK-8303 operating from Lahore to Karachi met with an unfortunate accident on May 22 (today), carrying 98 passengers.

As per the notification, a four-member team has been established to exercise powers conferred by Section 3 & 4, Rules 272 to 275 of Civil Aviation Rules, 1994. However, a preliminary statement should be issued within one month.

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It is pertinent to mention here that none of the Investigation Team member has an Airbus A320 flying experience. This clearly determines the incompetence and tunnel behavior of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

It is high time to rebuild CAA from scratch otherwise it can become a threat to the Aviation Industry of Pakistan.

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