Islamabad citizens demands for proper sanitation


ISLAMABAD, Sep 29 (APP):Citizens have demanded the authority concerned over the existing poor sanitary situation of Islamabad as improper disposal of waste and cleaness of streets was causing ailments and serious hazards to human health.

According to citizens that stagnant water in different areas of city are becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and epidemics like malaria, dengue and other gastroenteritis ailments may easily break out among residents.

Heaps of garbage, scattered raw material of construction and a recent mushrooming of a large number of wild bushes along the roads and streets need immediate attention, said a resident Rehman Zia in F-6.
Another resident of G-7 Asad Shafiq said , Markets and streets in different localities are totally neglected by CDA officials and we are facing problems due to lack of facilities of proper sanitation.

A housewife Nayab Kanwal said, since last two months officials are not collecting garbage on time they mostly visiting our streets after almost one weeks.

She requested that authority concerned to pay heed their issue as dengue virus already attacked the citizens of the country and this prevailing situation of sanitation can make more troubles for the residents of capital.

Javed Saboor said the residents alleged the concerned authorities for negligence of cleanness situation, which causes diseases.

The sanitation workers who collected garbage seemed to be irresponsible, said a women, adding, they only wanted to mint extra money from the residents.
She also urged the authorities to take serious measures for cleanliness of the entire area.

Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Anser talking to private news channel said , due to lack of funds and workers salary issue we are facing the current cleaness problem but inshAllah we will able to resolve the issue on per public demands.

He said concerned staff would regularly cleans streets and markets.
However, he said the CDA has started cutting shrubs on the footpaths to provide safe way to pedestrians.

CDA would also again launched a cleanliness drive in capital.
He said CDA was committed to keep the capital clean and green.

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