Israel angry over Egyptian TV series showing destruction of Zionist state


Is Israel going to disappear from the world map soon? Israel is furious over Egyptian TV series over the destruction of the Zionist state. The peace deal between the two countries Israel and Egypt will be affected.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has expressed outrage over the drama “Al-Nehaya” (The End), which has been shown on Egyptian TV channels since the first of Ramadan. The drama is in the Arabic language and it shows the time to come 100 years later. The released trailer of the drama shows that the said drama has been made using techniques like science fiction and computer engineering.

The drama was aired on the first of Ramadan and will air on primetime throughout the month, the first episodes of the drama have been widely acclaimed in the Middle East. During this time, teachers at school teach children the history of the past, how occupied Israel was destroyed, and how the dream of a Zionist state was shattered.

According to the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, the initial episodes of the drama shows a teacher teaching history to children at school, he explains that the Jews who came from Europe in 1948 and settled in Israel return to their homeland, Europe, when the dream of a Zionist state is not fulfilled.

The newspaper claimed that the drama did not mention the Jews who came to Israel from Arab countries and where they go after the destruction of Israel. Similarly, the play also shows the United States disintegrating. So far, however, there has been no reaction from the United States to the drama. The drama also shows that the United States provided the most support for the formation of the Zionist state. After the first installments of the drama were successful, the Israeli government also became angry and declared the idea of the play unacceptable.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry called the idea of the Egyptian drama ‘Al-Nehaya’ unacceptable. A statement issued by the Israeli Foreign Minister said that the drama was made by a country with which Israel has a peace agreement and the drama could disrupt the agreement. The Egyptian government has not yet responded to the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s response to the drama. According to Hartz, the drama is pro-Egyptian. Drama production company Synergy has produced and it is being broadcast on the well-known TV channel ON. The story of the play is written by Amr Sameer Atif.

It should be noted that in the Middle East and especially in Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco, special dramas, reality shows, and other TV content are produced regarding the month of Ramadan because, in Muslim countries, most people stay at home during the month of Ramadan, hence watching TV increases significantly.

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