It is not yet clear what the future holds for the Afghan Government, says  General Keith F. Mackenzie


General Keith F. Mackenzie has expressed concern over the reactivation of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan. He said that these organizations are likely to reactivate in Afghanistan. This is severe for the countries of the region and especially Pakistan. The activation of these organizations is also a matter of concern for the Central Asian states, Iran. Stability in Afghanistan is in the interest of all countries in the region, there should be stability in Afghanistan, if the Taliban become part of the Afghan government in the future. If they go, they will keep their promises. The Taliban have assured that they will not allow these organizations to use the territory of Afghanistan.

“We do not know yet what the Afghan government will look like. This pressure can be exerted by the Afghan government, but it is not yet clear what the future holds for the Afghan government,” he said. Don’t attack the US military or we will retaliate. The Taliban have also been suffering in retaliatory attacks by the Afghan army, about 30 to 35 Afghan soldiers were killed by Taliban every day. The Taliban are still fighting the Afghan army and security. Personnel are attacked.

The Taliban have never stopped their operations. We will withdraw from Afghanistan as soon as possible, while ensuring the safety of our troops. My point to the Taliban is that we will be fully vigilant in our defense in all evacuation processes.

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